About Us

Compassionate Faith is a collaborative effort between religious organizations and activists committed to reproductive health, rights, and justice.

These include Judson Memorial Church and Religious Institute. We are committed to developing and launching a new network for clergy and congregations dedicated to compassion, care, and reproductive justice.

The grounding premise of Compassionate Faith is that the original needs addressed by the Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion still exist.

Every person still deserves non-judgmental pastoral care and support on matters of sexual and reproductive health. And every person still deserves access to safe, legal health care. After decades of shaming by the Far Right and with both the legal right and actual access to abortion in peril, the nation desperately needs more clergy and congregations willing to offer compassion and work for justice.

We know that this struggle is about more than a legal right and about more than abortion.

For many low-income women and women of color, the legal right never translated into actual access. And abortion is just one of many basic human rights too often denied to low-income communities and communities of color.

Since 2010, states have passed more than 334 restrictions on access to abortion. The negative impact falls disproportionately on low-income women and women of color. Attacks on the Affordable Care Act and discriminatory religious refusal laws threaten to make the situation even worse.

This new network invites religious leaders and people of faith to:

  • Commit to providing compassion and non-judgmental pastoral support to those in need and to support people in identifying and accessing safe health care services if they choose;
  • Always consider how factors like income and race impact access to healthcare and other human rights; and
  • Work together, both privately and publicly, to replace shame and judgment with compassion and justice in our nation’s laws and culture.